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Advantages of membership with the only Airline Industry body that solely represents Cabin Crew

  • Increase the collective power of Australian Cabin Crew to make our industry safer and better
  • Expert industry representation to advance our Members' interests for less than $2 a day
  • Advice, back-up and support for industry incidents, accidents or investigations

What we stand for

  • Domestic and Regional Cabin Crew across airlines throughout Australia have stood together proudly for over 60 years for safe working conditions and decent pay in recognition of the important role we play in the aviation sector.

We stand together on

  • Safe duty hour limits and rest periods that avoid the onset of fatigue
  • Robust security systems so everyone arrives home safely
  • Realistic Cabin-Crew-to-passenger ratios that balance safety, security, medical and inflight service delivery

Membership Payment Methods

We have a range of payment options for Cabin Crew who join in their first six months of service:

  • Direct Debit from Bank/Credit Unions (fortnightly)
  • Credit Card (monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly*)
  • Payroll Deduction Authority (Qantas Cabin Crew members only)

Members who pay their yearly membership one year in advance are entitled to a 7.5% discount.

When completed

Email to or fax completed form to 02 8337 1122.